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Mini-Truckin Magazine 2007 Truck of the Year

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  Adam "Hand Made" Radovich: Fabricator/Designer Adam has
been building and desinging
top notch stereo and interiors
for over a decade. With one
of the most creative
visions and the
fabrication talent to
back it up, Adam can build
anything you can dream up.
  Joel "Grommit" Sadenwasser: Owner/Manager
Joel loves anything custom.
Winner of Mini Truckin' Truck
of the Year 2007 and
Truckin truck of the
year for 2008. Joel's Tacoma
D-Lowest is truly a work of art!
Joel's been into custom autos since
he was 11 yrs old and has been
living the dream ever since!
  This team makes for one of the baddest teams you'll find in the custom automotive industry.
With many cover vehicles under their belts, you never know what will roll out of the shop next!
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